Expected Release Date: 2020 

God O War (Ghost Train Haze #1 x 9lb. Hammer) - proceeding to F2 



12/21/19 - Independent smoke report provided by one of our testers. 

God O War #4

Appearance – Tight, compact, and dense nugs. Break them open and roll along your fingers to get
the “Paparazzi Effect” - the shining of crystals like the flashing of cameras with an occasional super
flash of a solid crystal. 8.7/10

Bouquet – A jar crack whiff is predominantly sharp and heavy with lemon fuel - not quite diesel, but
wonderful in its own right. Crack a bud and a pine fresh mint (like Freshen-Up brand of gum with the
liquid center, green wrapper) fills the nostrils. Very pleasant with almost compulsive sniffing. 9.2/10

Dry Hit (Joint) – Sharp diesel fuel with lemon pine and a fresh mint back end. 8.8/10

Smoke – Sharp (there’s that word again). Slight burning sensation with a dragon breath out the
nostrils. Lemon fuel with toasty 80s Archie Comics Digest paperback book back end (seriously).
Enjoyable. 8.5/10

Effect – Heady. Chatty. Funny reminiscent shit talking. Can cut through even a heavy Indica stone
and take it to the Sativa end of the spectrum. Slightly relaxed body but still very functional physically.
2 joints between the both of us got us pleasantly and euphorically high. You can thank the Ghost Train
Haze for that! 9.4/10

Overall Rating (based on average of scores) 8.9/10