Even though all smoke reports are subjective, we prefer to have our smoke reports provided by an independent tester to eliminate any bias. You can read their reports below. 


Black Abyss 1 #2


Appearance: This strain has a common theme amongst all of the Black Abyss phenotypes. It has a darker, rustic look. It’s a harder nug. It won’t spring back, and has good density. 7.7/10

Bouquet: Consistent with the Black Abyss theme, quite floral in scent. This particular one had sharper hints of lime, which made it stand out from the others. Fresh. 8.1/10

Dry Hit (Joint): A “mature lime” taste. Like those little round half limes that you get from a taco truck. For those of you in a region that doesn’t have taco trucks, think small Corona beer limes. Spicy salt included. 8.2/10

Smoke: Smooth. Very smooth. Slick on the tongue. To get a good idea of this, if you can “French Curl” this is the strain to do it with. Reverse dragon stuff! 8.4/10

Effect: Another top-of-the-head hitter. *POP* like Whack-a-Mole. Hit it again and *POP*. It doesn’t last long, it just hits you like that. Toke-*POP* Toke-*POP*. You need to keep smoking this to maintain that. Otherwise it can fade easily if you don’t keep it up. 7.4/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.0/10


Black Abyss 1 #3


Appearance: Nice even dark green with purple tinges all over. Just the right amount of squish. 8.4/10

Bouquet: Delightfully invigorating like 4-star hotel shampoo but not soapy, just the fragrance. 8.6/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Exactly the same hotel shampoo. Like the ooh-la-la version of non-soapy Irish Spring. 8.6/10

Smoke: Resinous on the tongue. Thick acrid smoke with a tingle. Slightly floral. 8.2/10 

Effect: Distinct warm feeling right in the middle of the head inside and out. Heavy on the eyelids. Good pain relief. 8.5/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.5/10


Black Abyss 1 #4


Appearance: Darker, woodsy look with a softer squish. Springs back in slow motion with medium trichome level. 7.5/10

Bouquet: Floral, with a backend reminiscent of a KFC wet nap upon exhale of the nose. 8.1/10

Dry Hit (Joint): The floral is ever so present with a smooth, slick tongue feel. Strangely enough, the roof of the mouth did not follow suit as usual. This isn't a bad thing at all, just an interesting observation. 8.1/10

Smoke: Lotion smooth. It's not a lotion smell, but it's lotion smooth. This is one you can toke and get the little puff curls. OK to hang off the mouth like Raoul Duke in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas because it won’t irritate your eyes or your nasal passageways. 8.7/10

Effect: Heavier hit on top of the head. Not a sit-your-ass-down high but more of a focus-on-something-random high. Great for after work dulling if you’ve been put through the wringer. 8.5/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.2/10


Black Abyss 2 #1


Appearance: Long spear shaped lime green bud, covered in trichomes. Jack Herer influence shows up here with the Sativa like structure. 8.5/10

Bouquet: Slight skunky undertones and a definite Blackjack influence. 7.7/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Earthy with a hint of Jack. 7.9/10

Smoke: Very light smoke, no lingering tastes. 7.1/10 

Effect: Sleepy yawn, no body. Hard to notice after 2 full J’s. However, this would be a good light smoke to accomplish daily tasks without feeling to stoned. 7.2/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 7.7/10


 Black Abyss 2 #3



Appearance: Chunky and dense with a bit of give. It’ll bounce back in 3 seconds with a light pinch. Three shades of green, light/medium/dark and frosty.  8.4/10

Bouquet: Mellow Blackjack with stinkyskunky undertones. 8.7/10

Dry Hit (Joint): The Blackjack is very apparent with its Jack Herer influence. The taste is nostalgic in the sense that it tastes like “Green Bud.” It's not grassy, but the term used back in the brick days. (a bit extra for old school points) 8.5/10 

Smoke: Smooth, no coughing. Not expansive so it takes a few triple-tokes, then inhale to get the flavor, but it’s very nice. Three different people actually said “old school” when they hit it. 8.2/10

Effect: It’s like the 9lb. Hammer brought the hammer to the Blackjack, which has typically been weaker in the “hit” department. Best put by a family member, “It’s reminiscent of the great high you got after smoking a bunch of brick weed for so long and then you get something really good that’s just called Skunk.” I tend to agree but not nearly as offensive as some of the alleged “Skunk Weed” I’ve had. This one mainly had a similar feel with a smoother, softer smoke. (a bit extra for old school points) 8.9/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.5/10


Blunt Force Trauma #3



Appearance: Chunky, comprised of mini brussels sprout shaped flowers. Streaks of purple all over the bud with “redhead” hairs. Squishy with just a hint of hardness.  9.0/10

Bouquet: Very subtle, delicate tangerine peel. 7.2/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Tangerine peel is ever so present, but still light. 7.4/10

Smoke: Smooth, not expansive. Light. Definitely recognizable “BCK Tingle” on the tongue and in the mouth, but not as pronounced as its parent. 7.4/10 

Effect: Mellow and calming. Slight top of the head pulsation. CREEPER. There’s one of those BCK old school characteristics. The 9 Pound Hammer brought out the hammer and hit me on the head. 8.0/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 7.8/10


Blunt Force Trauma # 5


Appearance: Lime green, Douglas Fir Christmas Tree. Note - not like a Noble fir, which has needles pointing upward. This has a more horizontal (fatter/wider) feel to it. It’s solid, clunky, and covered in beach sand trichomes. 8.6/10

Bouquet: Fresh and clean like an outdoor whiff of fresh air. It has a sense of “Ahhhhh,” like my nostrils were just cleansed. 7.9/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Green hand soap, but clean and not soap scummy at all. Refreshing. This could be a replacement for the menthol in Camel Crush cigarettes and make them not so overpowering. 7.9/10

Smoke: No remarkable flavors. The “freshness” dissipates quickly turning into a somewhat tasteless smoke. 7.2/10

Effect: This is not for a daily smoker. It is more for a casual smoker who still needs to function. It will not cut through other highs. However, as a reference point - if you’re a daily “evening smoker,” you could pull off a work presentation the next morning after a joint and function just fine 7.0/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 7.7/10


Citrol Sledgehammer #1 


Appearance: Swollen chunky buds, with wavy hairs. It has hints of dark green sugar leaves against a lime green bud background, almost like the classic Sour Diesel look but bulgier, covered with fine beach sand trichomes. 8.4/10

Bouquet: Definite Tangie influence. Smells like powdered Country Time Lemonade and Tang. Imagine opening the jar and smelling the lid that has that artificial smell to it. 8.2/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Plug a straw into the navel of an orange that was freshly picked from the tree and inhale. 8.6/10

Smoke: Soft textured and pleasant smoke, with a zip after exhale. Like Tangie, but without the melting plastic that is oh so present in every Tangie sample we’ve tried. 8.6/10 

Effect: Heady and clear. Relieves mild arthritic joint pain. Has motivational characteristics but not racy. Great daytime smoke. The uplifting effect helps you get ready to knock out those daily chores. 8.7/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.5/10


Citrol Sledgehammer #2


Appearance: Solid and spongy with fine trichomes all over. The trichomes give it the illusion of being a light gray in tint but under closer inspection it’s all lime green with white. 8.0/10

Bouquet: Smells just like the white rind part of an orange peel. It’s almost like the original Tangie but not nearly as plastic-y. Nothing else. 7.9/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Very lemon citrus Dole in the refrigerated carton drink. Almost as if you chomped up a few chewable vitamin C tablets and exhaled through your nose. 8.4/10

Smoke: Fresh photo copies. Like taking a big whiff from a pile of freshly printed old school Xerox copies. You know you’ve done it. Then light orange Flintstone vitamins on the exhale. It leaves a bit of sting on the gums behind the teeth. (points for uniqueness and invoking an obscure memory of a smell) 8.0/10

Effect: It’s on the uplifting end of the spectrum. It gave us a second wind after a long day. This is in addition to smoking all day. We smoked 8 joints of various strains and spent the day running errands. It has a very welcoming high, giving the ability to push for that extra yard to score another touchdown. 8.6/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.2/10


Citrol Sledgehammer #3


Appearance: Very tight bud structure. Darker green with deep orange hairs. 8.4/10

Bouquet: Strong piney skunk. 8.7/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Skunky fresh peach. Not canned peaches, fresh from the tree peaches. 8.2/10

Smoke: Tooth numbing sensation. Medium bodied and smooth. Big lung hits and no coughing. 8.3/10 

Effect: Heady and optically active. Colors seem brighter. Little movements catching the eye and chatty. 9.4/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.6/10


Citrol Sledgehammer #4


Appearance: Very pretty coloring, three shades of green with splashes of purple and nice mid-orange hairs. Looks like the weed version of fruity pebbles cereal. 8.7/10

Bouquet: Fresh vegetables with a hint of citrus. It’s not overpowering. 7.4/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Spicy veggies with a very distinct Red Vines backend. 8.0/10

Smoke: It’s smooth and resinous on the tongue. Like a slick feeling after exhale, with a toasty orange peel. Not too expansive in the lungs, so big hits can be achieved without coughing. 8.1/10

Effect: Cerebral and slightly motivating. Similar to the other Citrol Sledgehammer phenotypes in the sense that it won’t couch lock you and provides a second wind effect. It can keep the night going without being incapacitated. 8.4/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.1/10


Citrol Sledgehammer #6


Appearance: Very similar to color as the other Citrol Sledgehammers but softer. It takes a bit to spring back. The density is present, definitely not larfy. 7.7/10

Bouquet: Stinky and tropical with hints of mango. Skunky when you pull the nug away from your nose. 8.2/10

Dry Hit (Joint): The weed infused version of tropical Starburst with a mango smack-smacking of the tongue. Subtle myrcene terpenes but not as dominating as Green Crack. 8.4/10

Smoke: Tropical hits, then dissipates quickly. Backend rolls out to a mellow, smooth wispiness. 8.2/10 

Effect: Awake and present. A bit uplifting. This was smoked in the morning but we can definitely see the potential for an evening lift to handle dinner chores. After the meal, puff a little, and clean up. Done and done. 8.5/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.2/10


Ground Pounder #2


Appearance: Solid tight buds. The grease keeps it tight where if you drop the bud it won’t “bounce” it just goes CLUNK. Freckled with purple with 2 different shades of green. Looks like it was rolled in sugar, with the trichomes sticking on all of the bud. Kief would prove difficult using conventional means, because the trichomes are literally glued on. 8.9/10

Bouquet: Subtle notes of fresh veggies being misted in the produce aisle. No distinct typical cannabis aromas other than a hint of “purple." 6.8/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Celery & Sprite soup lol! Only way to describe it. Like a Bloody Mary with Sprite instead of Bloody Mary Mix, and stirred with 17 stalks of celery. 7.6/10

Smoke: Lightly toasted marshmallow. We found this interesting. We have not come across this yet. Smooth and even-bodied. Upon exhale, the smoke curls out and bunches up like exhaust from an old pickup truck. 8.1/10 

Effect: Ground Pounder is starting to show a distinct characteristic in that it has a heavy head that wraps the forehead and “pushes you downward” whether sitting, standing, or lying down. It is not unpleasant, it actually shows that the stuff is working. It’s not head pounding, but rather being pulled downward by gravity. This would be interesting to pair up with a devastating couch locker to see how far you can get obliterated in both mind and body. 8.5/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.0/10


Ground Pounder #3


Appearance: Lime green with hints of dark green sugar leaf. Absolutely coveredin fine beach sand trichomes. It’s a dense, hard, and chunky bud. 8.9/10

Bouquet: Subtle pine, with a “green bud” smell (NOT grassy). Not overly powerful. 7.4/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Pine needles and Jergen’s lotion. It’s smooth and three smokers verified. 8.0/10

Smoke: Burned a bit fast. Cracked the “billowy” smoke factor. 3 tokes can cover your face. The smoothness of lotion comes through. 8.0/10 

Effect: “Curiously” active. If there’s something to mess with, like a dog, cat, phone, etc., it will be fiddled with. It’s addictive in a good way. The desire to smoke more and more of it even though the high is ever so present. It’s not as strong as Ground Pounder #5 (Purple, heavier high) or Ground Pounder #6 (more “stoney”) but this gets you in the head and makes you want to do stuff. 8.4/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.1/10


Ground Pounder #4


Appearance: Nice solid and chunky bud structure. These are CLUNK buds. How about those beach sand trichomes? YES. 8.8/10

Bouquet: The fresh factor of Ground Pounder is becoming a staple characteristic. Very floral and FRESH. Inhale, and “ahhhhhh.” Slight veggie, with a fresh cut flower smell like it was from a Safeway flower arrangement. 8.2/10

Dry Hit (Joint): OK, so I can twist up that Safeway flower bouquet, play it like a trumpet, and get the exact same response as the nose test. FRESH FLOWERS. 8.4/10

Smoke: Light bodied, and it will take a quadruple toke to get thick enough to blow out a medium billow. For a daily smoker, it will not be noticeable. For a novice smoker, it could induce some slight coughing. 7.7/10

Effect: Another “heavy head” phenotype. It pushes you down on the top of the head. It sits your ass down. BUT it doesn’t keep you down. Interesting. If you move your head in any direction it will follow that direction until you shift your body weight back in whatever direction you’re trying to correct yourself. 8.4/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.0/10


 Ground Pounder #5


Appearance: 90% purple and covered in fine crystal beach sand. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a typical fan of purple for non-aesthetic reasons, but this is one of the most beautiful PURPLE buds we’ve ever had. Outstanding. 10/10

Bouquet: Nothing distinct except for a diluted Purple Kool Aid. When ground the smell is much more pronounced. 7.4/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Purple sweet tart. Resin coated the roof of the mouth and tongue. 7.8/10

Smoke: Purple sweet tart remains in the taste. Very difficult to discern but distinct backend. Like a melting/burning anise? Medium bodied, it’s smoke with bite, and an extra throat hit but no coughing. 8.4/10

Effect: Heavy forehead. Mild body buzz. High lasted for a solid hour, and then drifting into the nap zone. Definitely after dinner smoke. Has that “purple effect” but better than most purples that we’ve tried. 8.5/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.4/10


Ground Pounder #6


Appearance: Fat chunky buds with darker green tones and dark purple hues all over. 8.6/10

Bouquet: “Fresh” smell. Similar to the other Ground Pounders but more of the fresh flower vs. vegetables. 7.9/10

Dry Hit (Joint): New car smell. Literally. Not like the air freshener kind, but the actual new interior of a car. 7.7/10

Smoke: Similar new car smell but not as chemical and not too thick. 7.7/10 

Effect: Very subtle, and will make you yawn. A little head pressure like the other Ground Pounders but not as pronounced. 8.0/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 8.0/10


BCK (Phylex Cut) 


Appearance: Fluffy but dense, not airy. Dense Christmas tree chunks. 7.9/10

Bouquet: Pine with a touch of mint when breaking a nug and taking a direct sniff. Effervescent if you will. It doesn't make you get a "sneeze tingle" if you smell the nugs in rapid succession. Think 7-UP. 9.5/10

Dry Hit (Joint): Talk about effervescent. 7-UP with Alka Seltzer and more 7-UP! 9/10

Smoke: Wooh! Old school Chronic characteristic part one: some coughing! Immediate expansion that tingled going in. Seriously, literally tingle starting at the middle of your tongue, then spreads to the roof of your mouth after each hit. And it lingers. And get this, we both found this description to be quite suitable: imagine yellow cake in a pan, then the brown edges that are stuck to the pan. Toasted yellow cake or pound cake on the back end. 9/10

Effect: Nice and stoney. The “this is good shit” type of stoney. ¾ J between my GF and me, and she said “I'm high” and continued to puff more. Mind you she is a seasoned veteran daily (hourly?) smoker. Old School Chronic characteristic part two: We have not had a high like this in years. Like 20 years. Definitely strong [Cali] Chronic Character. 10/10

Overall Rating: (based on average of scores) 9.1/10