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Ground Pounder

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Ground Pounder by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Expect good, vigorous growth and great structure. It handles training well. Plants will be medium to tall, and some pheno's will express deep, richly dark purple, and lavander rose coloring . Average to above average sized, trichome covered, dense flowers. It's an average to above average yielder. Ground Pounder has a finishing time around 56-63 days with great bag appeal. 

Lineage: (Gelat.OG x 9 Pound Hammer)

Aroma: Floral, Purple Sweet Tart, with hints of Cream and subtle Pine. 

Gelat.OG by Seedsman

Gelat.OG was bred by crossing Gelato, itself a cross of the Platinum pheno of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, together with an OG Kush male plant. The Gelato brings plenty of THC and a rich, dessert-like scent.

This plant has a compact structure, remaining fairly squat, and tends to form a large central cola with little in the way of lateral branching. Its buds are very dense and hard, quite dark with orange pistils, and dripping with resin. Some plants may develop purple colorations.

Its scent is reminiscent of mint, cookies and wood while sweet citrus flavors are noticeable with some earthy notes on the palate. THC production is very high and its effect offers a powerful sense of euphoria which evolves into extremely physically relaxing sensations.

9 Pound Hammer by Jinxproof Genetics

9 Pound Hammer is aptly named. 2014 Santa Cruz Cup 1st Place Winner for best indica. This indica-dominant strain will have you flat on your back with its knock-out punch! It is a 3-way hybrid strain bred from GooBerry, Hells OG and Jack The Ripper. At maturity dense buds are set against a backdrop of autumnal colours.

Indoors flowering will take between 50 - 60 days producing average yields. The predominant pheno is the GooBerry one which grows like Kush and really packs on the resin quickly. The hammer blow is a full-body stone which will put you to sleep if tired. It also provides great relief from pain and stress.

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2 Reviews

Nark Dec 20th 2019

Great Products - Great Service

When I first ordered from GkGenetics I was a bit skeptical on whether they were credible or not. Despite this, put an order in. Was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived in less than a week, and the shipping address had even been incorrect. I emailed them regarding the matter and it was fixed without question. I planted 2 of these seeds and within 5 weeks said plants are about to be flipped to flower. So far they have been a delightful grow, with lots of branching, and huge fan leaves. They are getting bigger by the day and I can’t wait to see what kind of flowers they produce! All love to everyone at Gk, great job with this product and service.

1D1 Nov 18th 2019

Ground pounder

First order from the site on Saturday. Received my order on Monday!!
Excellent service and the freebies are awesome!!
Can’t wait to get these babies Rocking!!!!

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