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God O War

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God O War by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Genetics: (Ghost Train Haze #1 x 9lb. Hammer)

Full genealogy found here: God O War (GK Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info

Sex: Regular

Average - Above Average
Flowering Time:
9-10 Weeks
Medium - Tall
Highly responsive to different training techniques

You can expect nice, vigorous growth from this strain. It exhibits long lateral side branching, with open internodal spacing and long reaching petioles. Plants will be medium to tall in height with a higher percentage of taller phenotypes. Structures range from ‘Christmas Tree’ to multiple secondary tops from vigorous lateral side branching; which stretch vertically closer to the main stalk. Flowers will be medium sized, with good trichome development, high calyx to leaf ratio, and have a heavier nose. Purple phenotypes and flowers with larger calyxes will have a heavier 9lb. Hammer influence. Smaller, dense calyxes, wavy leaf tips and blade curl will lean toward their Ghost Train Haze Mom.

Very Well Balanced Hybrid, Heady, Relaxed Body, Euphoric
Sweet, Lemon, Pine, Mint, Bubblegum, and Fuel

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