9lb. Hammer

Created and bred by Jinxproof Genetics. While we no longer have either of our 9lb. Hammer parents, we still have some pollen from our proven candied grape male. There's always a possibility of more pairings in the future. 

Blue Dream (Santa Cruz Cut) - Clone Only

This cut of Blue Dream is made up of some sort of Blueberry from the DJ Short collection and is believed to be crossed with a Super Silver Haze from Mr. Nice. It is extremely Sativa in its high but has some great Indica qualities in its dense nug structure and doesn't stretch too much like a normal haze. This plant likes to develop into a branchy bush, so it's also perfect for cloning. It takes root VERY fast and is very reliable in that sense. This plant has purple potential when the temps see a 15ish degree difference from daytime to nighttime.

Chem’91(skva) - Clone Only

The story behind the JB vs. the SKVA: The original Chemdog everyone thinks of when you mention the name is the Chem'91(skva). This cut was held tight in the northeast but found its way to the grower named Skunk VA (he was the holder of the Mass Super Skunk clone in Virginia). There was a time when Chemdog the grower lost the cut and the only known copy was in Skunk VA's garden. So before this took place, the cut was just Chem'91 but gained the SkunkVA moniker (skva) to establish its legitimacy later on.

This was important as many other cuts being passed around as THE Chem'91 but were not the same thing. The most popular (a still kept & shared cut) claiming to be the '91 was a cut by Joe Brand (JB). JB was one of the original guys involved in the Chemdog genesis, so people were convinced that his cut was the real '91 cut. He even had Chemdog verifiy the cut as the legit original and used it as The '91 cut in a couple crosses. Once the original cut was rediscovered and its legitimacy was corroborated by all, the (skva) tag was implemented to distinguish the actual original Chem cut vs. the JB cut.

Main Plant Differences:
The skva cut is: Taller, more vertical OG-esque frame, earthy, slight peach smell, stronger effect
JB cut: Better branching structure, less support, smaller fan leaves, louder fuelly smell than the skva

Durban – (Pure Sativa) 

Pure Durban is native to South Africa from the “Valley of 1000 Hills”, which takes its name from the thousands of green hills that accumulate around the Umgeni River. This landrace grows initially on small hills, which are kept wet with water fog from the waterfalls nearby. She has a very fruity taste and smell. The Zulu who live in the Durban region, believe she gives the warriors strength for the battle. This subtropical Sativa gives you strong euphoric effects, but let your thoughts clearly focus. 

God O War

God O War is a strong, well balanced hybrid. We took our Ghost Train Haze #1 selected female and paired her with our proven, candied grape 9lb. Hammer male. 

Hyper Dragon x God O War

This is a personal side project we're currently working on. Yet to be formally named, we paired a Sour Kush leaning Hyper Dragon female with our God O War male. While still a work in progress, the Sour Kush traits remained strong in some phenotypes and a heavy Sour Kush influence was found in both a female and a male during the initial f1 testing. These two are currently proceeding to f2.  


Moon Dragon

Moon Dragon was spawned from a personal side project we're currently working on. The Hyper Dragon mom was a heavy Sour Kush leaning pheno. We paired her with a strong structured, tightly clustered Moontang Mystery male. Moontang Mystery is the result of an accidental open pollination of a Moontang female and either a Terpenado male, or (Goji OG x Sunshine Daydream) male.

Original '92 OG Kush (Josh D Cut) - Clone Only

Matt "Bubba" Berger and Josh D found the genetic for the famous OG in Orlando (Florida) in the year 1991 (or 1992) in a pack of bag seeds. They picked the seeds and worked with them for a long time till finally the OG Kush was born. 

Skunky D

Skunky D by Schwaggy Seeds brings together the raunchy Chem D, prized for her power, and the stable frost factory Skunky Brewster. This cross has produced shortened, more stable, and quicker flowering Chem D terped plants that can cause involuntary recoil upon smelling.

Strawberry Cough (Kyle Kushman Cut) - Clone Only 

Per Texas Kid: “Strawberry Fields is a 100% Indica strain that originated in Vermont and finished around 7 weeks flowering time. Bred for the taste and smell of strawberries, and to be able to finish before the first snow fall in Vermont. She was a high yielder. From what I understand, the strain was given its name because the breeder grew it for many years with his strawberry plants, and claimed that the original scent of strawberries was intensified because of the way he grew the plants together. Nevertheless, if his theories were correct or not, the worked plants in his field had developed a scent and smell that matched his freshest strawberries to a tee. But the high was not ideal for his preferences (needed to be more cerebral). He took an outstanding pure haze male and crossed it with his best female flowering in his fields. These are essentially strawberry cough seeds, but not the clone that's going around. The SC pheno clone was given to Kyle Kushman. The SC clone yields very heavily from its mother Strawberry Fields (which I was told the real deal is now extinct). Expect to finish around 7.5 - 9 weeks depending on what you look at to harvest. Each branch must be supported with at least one stalk, or the weight of the buds will cause your limbs and buds to hang on the ground.”

Per Nebu: “Regarding the Strawberry Cough heritage, Strawberry Fields x Haze as I was told. Though Kyle (with whom I worked @ HighTimes and who provided the clone & details to me) had said it was a lonely (& lowly, he thought at first) clone, not seeds, which he received. He did not expect much (the 'breeder' had a very small, humble environment) and accepted the clone only to be polite ~ upon arriving home after a fairly long drive he opened the box where he had placed the clones and was surprised to catch the strong aroma of strawberries. At that moment he thought that it just might be something special. (which it really is!)”

'97 Super Silver Haze (Shantibaba Cut) - Clone Only

A champion of champions since winning its hat-trick at the 1997, 1998, and 1999 High Times Cannabis Cups and comprising of the most commercial strains known to the world; Skunk, NL and Haze. Such achievements confer an undoubtedly regal pedigree. It has an excellent breed for those who wish to process the stash of stashes and leaves one gasping for reality. This complex hybrid is in the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids, designed to astound.  

Terpenado Mystery x God O War

This is another personal side project we're currently working on. We found a beautiful Terpenado Mystery female that was selected during testing and we decided to pair her with our God O War male. Terpenado Mystery is the result of an accidental open pollination of a Terpenado female and either a Terpenado male, or (Goji OG x Sunshine Daydream) male. 

Zamaldelica – (Zamal x Malawi/Thai) 

Zamal is an exotic African Landrace sativa from Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect. Ace Seeds selected an excellent Zamal mother for its trippy effect, fast flowering and remarkable sweet carrot and floral fragrances. It was pollinated by their powerful Golden Tiger in order to create Zamaldelica, a super sativa hybrid with strong uplifting and lysergic effect and amazing vigorous growth


Parents No Longer Available - Retired

9lb. Hammer - by Jinxproof Genetics

Birthday Cake Kush- (BCK Phylex Cut) - held by GK Genetics

Blackjack - by Nirvana

Gelat.OG - by Seedsman

Ghost Train Haze #1 - by Rare Dankness

Tangie - Nirvana