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Citrol Sledgehammer

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Citrol Sledgehammer by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Genetics: (Tangie x 9lb. Hammer)

Full genealogy found here: Citrol Sledgehammer (GK Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info

Sex: Regular

Average - Above Average
Flowering Time:
9 – 10 Weeks
Medium - Tall
Highly responsive to different training techniques

The majority of the test subjects appeared to be a nicely balanced hybrid. The few that have sativa leaning leaves will have a heavier Tangie influence. The phenotypes with indica leaning leaves will lean toward 9lb. Hammer. There wasn’t a major, observable difference in the height, open internodal spacing, or yields. Purple characteristics were observed from both parents and cannot be used to determine influence. The Tangie mom would express her coloring when introduced to colder temperatures and carries the trait. The 9lb. Hammer expresses it naturally under more desirable conditions. The most notable differences are the range of their bouquet and flavor.

Uplifting, Cerebral, Clear, Heady, Optically Active. Medical users have reported experiencing mild arthritic pain relief.
Mango, Peach, Citrus, Tang, Orange Peel Rind, Skunk, Subtle Pine

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1 Review

Aqua Man Dec 1st 2019

100% germination

Got the beans fast. Popped 6 and had 100% germination rates. Almost 2 weeks in and looking good. Will post back after the grow for report on yields and smoke.

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