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Blunt Force Trauma

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Blunt Force Trauma by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Genetics: (BCK Phylex Cut x 9lb. Hammer)

Full genealogy found here: Blunt Force Trauma (GK Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info


Average - Above Average
Flowering Time:
9 – 10 Weeks
Medium - Tall
Feeding: Average
Highly responsive to different training techniques

All of the test subjects appeared to carry the same size and stature. They had slight sativa leaf structure, longer petioles, and open inter-nodal spacing. Sharp toothed serrations are seen in both parents. However sporadic dual serrations are BCK influenced. Their trichomes aren’t gooey, soft, and sticky, but more like rough beach sand. This 'Gritty' feel is characteristic of BCK as well. Another dominant trait from their mom is their higher leaf to calyx ratio which may not appeal to some. The main variance observed amongst the progeny were their coloring. Some had varying degrees of purple, which is a trait passed along from 9lb. Hammer.

Mellowing, Calming, Head pulsating, Creeper
Delicate Tangerine Peel, Irish Spring, Slight Menthol


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