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Blunt Force Trauma

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Blunt Force Trauma by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Blunt Force Trauma was created using our prized BCK - Phylex Cut female. You can expect exceptional vigor and great structure. Plants will be medium to tall in height. The flowers will be larger sized, encrusted in trichomes. It's an above average yielder. Blunt Force Trauma brings some oldschool nostalgia with a finishing time around 8-9 weeks.

Lineage: (BCK Phylex Cut x 9 Pound Hammer)

BCK Phylex Cut held by GK Genetics 

BCK is swirling with mystery and is already developing quite the tale. The original genetics are unknown as is its origins creator. It's presumed to be Birthday Cake Kush, but those lines cannot be confirmed.

Phylex was gifted three beans from an unkown, mysterious source. The kind stranger hinted to thinking they may be Birthday Cake Kush, but he was uncertain himself of the origins of these mystery beans. To this day they remain unknown.

After propegating just one bean, it was noted early on the healthy and fast root development. She expressed exceptional vigor and uniformity. She possesed robust stalks and branching when trained. If left untrained, she stacks tightly into one large single cola. She would be a perfect candidate for SOG style growing. However, this girl also thrives from training without even batting an eye. She responds exceptionally well and will reward her trainer if using a SCROG. Her leaf structure produces sharp, saw blade style leaves. Pre-flower and trichome development begin early on into flower. She absolutely covers herself in glistening trichomes from top to bottom. She's an above average yielder and flowering time is right around 8-9 weeks. BCK Phylex Cut is a very potent show stopper.     

9 Pound Hammer by Jinxproof Genetics

9 Pound Hammer is aptly named. 2014 Santa Cruz Cup 1st Place Winner for best indica. This indica-dominant strain will have you flat on your back with its knock-out punch! It is a 3-way hybrid strain bred from GooBerry, Hells OG and Jack The Ripper. At maturity dense buds are set against a backdrop of autumnal colours.

Indoors flowering will take between 50 - 60 days producing average yields. The predominant pheno is the GooBerry one which grows like Kush and really packs on the resin quickly. The hammer blow is a full-body stone which will put you to sleep if tired. It also provides great relief from pain and stress.


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