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Black Abyss

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Black Abyss by GK Genetics (Regular F1 Seeds - 10 seeds per pack)

Genetics: (Blackjack x 9lb. Hammer)

Full genealogy found here: Black Abyss (GK Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info

Sex: Regular

Average - Above Average
Flowering Time:
9 – 10 Weeks
Medium - Tall
Highly responsive to different training techniques

As a first filial generation, a wide variance is to be expected. After testing, there appeared to be a common theme best described as ‘rustic’ regarding appearance. Most were multiple shades of green and purple, with others finishing black. The overall height, moderate inter-nodal spacing, and yields, appeared to surprisingly be consistent amongst the test subjects to varying degree. Both parents express purple naturally, as opposed to being induced by colder temperatures. So using this observation isn't reliable when trying to discern a possible lean. Sharp, saw blade serrations are characteristic of 9lb. Hammer, while softer, rounded serrations are characteristic of Blackjack. Sporadic duel serrations were also observed on the Blackjack mother.

Warm head, heavy eyes, random focus, and relaxing. Pain relief was noted from some medical users.
Floral, Lime, Skunk


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