Our goal is providing top quality genetics to our community. Our love and dedication to this sacred plant is visible in our uniquely handcrafted cultivars. We work with not only cup winning genetics, but also rare, heirloom strains because we feel like genetic lines are becoming over saturated and much is being lost. We're always working toward creating novel cultivars with more of an 'old school' effect. Our projects are always thoroughly tested before they're released. Our seed packs are available for you as a novelty, and or collection for strain preservation purposes. Always follow your local and state laws. GK Genetics cannot be held responsible for any germination of our genetics whether accidental or intentional. 


You can also find us and many other like minded cannabis connoisseurs and breeders at https://phenohunter.org/index.php It's a great community where you can interact with other growers and breeders, enter contests and give-aways, trade seeds, and so much more. The hunt is on!new-ph-logo-smaller.png